Expanding your panel

In some situations it can be easiest to just add a sub-panel for a new appliance or area – such as a hot tub, a detached garage, or a pool room.  However, a sub panel is really meant for one thing – saving on wire costs by moving a portion of the panel to the new space.  Sub panels are not ideal for simply adding room when you run out of spaces in your main panel.

Old panel with sub-panel

As you can see in the example above, not only is the main panel full, but the sub panel is full too.  The entire panel area is messy and difficult to navigate. Instead of trying to shoe-horn more power in with split breakers, Eden Electrical Services can replace your old panel with a new larger panel, for less than you might expect.

The new expanded electrical panel

As you can see, the new panel is clean, and it’s easy to check the label for each breaker.  Not only that, there is now room for future expansion.

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